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Long Tunnel Extended Mine Re-opens







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September 2004 - Following completion of remediation works in the Tourist mine to bring it up to current environmental and safety standards, Walhalla's world-famous Long Tunnel Extended Mine has now been reopened.

Goldstar Resources NL did the refurbishing work. The Walhalla Board of Management, which controls the mine, had known for some years that work with a cost of $120,000 to $160,000 needed to be done.

Goldstar and the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) reached agreement that contractors who were engaged by Goldstar would do the work at no cost to the Board or the Department.

In return, Goldstar have been undertaking exploratory drilling in the mine for the past three to four months, to complement the exploratory work that was already under way in the Empress chamber.

Goldstar has provided and regularly updated audio visual material, including film footage of the exploratory drilling, for display at the mine museum. DSE has provided assistance before, during and since the closure through regular updates on progress, improved signage and advertising, including a brochure regarding the plans for the work, and contact details for any further questions.



Walhalla and its many visitors join in welcoming the return of this signature tourist facility to the heart of the township.

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