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The SIDS and Kids

Packhorse Ride Appeal

See the largest group of packhorses ever assembled since the Gold Rush days! Spectators welcome!

Relive history! Come and see the parade of packhorses and horse-drawn vehicles through the township of Walhalla on Saturday 9th October. Try your luck -- buy a ticket in the raffle that's being run over the weekend! Bid at the auction of donated goods! Then, on Sunday 10th October, watch the parade of packhorses through the township, followed by a presentation to SIDS and Kids.

See the smallest packhorse in the world come through town!

Ride fees
Rider $50 includes all meals, ride and campsite
Non-rider $20 includes all meals and campsite

If you're interested in participating in the ride, please contact:

Colin (03) 5191 8230 mob: 0419 918 230    or    John 0409 924 470



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