Trembath Family Re-union

An inaugural re-union of the Trembath family will be held in Walhalla on November 27th, 2005, and again on the last Sunday in November every five years thereafter.

This re-union is open to:

  1. Any Trembath
  2. All descendants of the Walhalla Trembaths
  3. All descendants of Madron Trembath (Cornwall 1600)

The Walhalla Mechanics' Institute has been booked for the day. Tea and coffee will be available here and this is where an extensive family tree will be on display. Town tours will be held on the day. Visit James and William Trembath’s Corner Store or Michael Trembath’s original store (circa 1890).

If you feel that you're entitled to participate, please contact:

         Brian Brewer at 56 Lovell Drive, Warragul 3820
         Ph. (03) 5622 1442 mob: 0418 532 838    
         or     via email to

Bookmark this page in your browser so you can monitor this website for updated information.

Hope to see you there!



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