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Reference sources

You may be interested in pursuing some of the following publications which contain more information about Walhalla, Gippsland and the early Victorian goldfields. Because of its relative size at the time, and its importance as a gold-mining township, Walhalla is frequently mentioned in memoirs of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Victoria.

If you're planning to visit us, many of these publications are available at the Walhalla Corner Store and Museum (phone 5165 6250). Alternatively, you can order them by mail. See our Publications page for more details, and the odd cover shot. Be warned, however, that you might find some of these titles out of print or otherwise difficult to come by.


"The Switzerland of Australia - Views of Early Walhalla and District", reproduced for the "Walhalla Chronicle, Moondarra, Toombon and Woods Point Times" from the original 1910 publication by Wm Harrison Lee. Gippsland Printers, Morwell, 1981 ISBN 0 9594382 0 3

"Walhalla Heyday", by G F James and C G Lee, reprinted by East-Side Printing, Mitcham, 1999 ISBN 0 959 6311 3 5

"Mountain Gold - A History of the Baw Baw and Walhalla Country of the Narracan Shire, Victoria", by John Adams, published by Narracan Shire Council, Trafalgar, 1980 ISBN 0 9595685 1 4

"Firewood Tramways of the Walhalla Mines 1865 - 1915", by Terry & Brenda Jenkins. T & B J Publications, Yarra Junction, 1998 ISBN 0 9593948 1 8

"Mountain Heritage", by Win Guatta, published by Viano, Toora, 2009 ISBN 978-0-646-50848-1

"Walhalla -- Valley of Gold", by John Aldersea and Barbara Hood. Walhalla Publishing, 2005 ISBN 0 9750887 0 X

"Old Walhalla -- Portrait of a Gold Town", by Raymond Paull. Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1967

"Gold in the Walhalla Region", by Brian Lloyd & Howard Combes, Histec Publications, Hampton East, 2010 ISBN 978 09803 6245 9

"Walhalla Graveyard to Cemetery", by Yolanda Reynolds, published by Genepool Publishing, Trafalgar, 2007 ISBN 978-0-9804326-0-2

"Neither Here Nor There -- Italians and Swiss-Italians on the Walhalla Goldfield 1865 - 1915", by Annamaria Davine, published by Italian Australian Institute, La Trobe University, Macleod, 2009 ISBN 978-0-9805994-0-4

"Happy-Go-Lucky -- A Gippsland Gold Town 1863 - 1917", by Dorothy Morgan and Marjorie Morgan, published by Acacia Press, Blackburn, 1996 ISBN 85808 020 6

"Walhalla Behind the Shop Counter & All That Jazz 1953-77 & 1993-2008", by Ruth Holst, published R Holst, Pakenham, 2010 ISBN 978 0646 534374

"Forerunners - The Saga of a Family of Teachers", by Constance Tisdall. Published by Graham Publications, Walhalla, 1979 ISBN 0 959 6311 2 7

"The Walhalla P-40", by Rick Hanning, published by Walhalla Heritage and Development League, 2005

"Easter at Walhalla 1912", by William Broadbent, published by Walhalla Heritage and Development League, 2012

"The Walhalla Chronicle, Moondarra, Toombon and Woods Point Times", quarterly newsletter of the esteemed Walhalla Heritage and Development League, Inc. (join now, folks!)


Needless to say, there are many references to other parts of Gippsland, with more being added every month, but depending on your interests, a worthwhile selection might include the following:

"Middleton & Maning's Gippsland Directory 1884-5" , facsimile edition, published by Kapana Press, Bairnsdale, 1983 ISBN 0-9593403-2-7.

"The Land of the Lyre Bird -- A Story of Early Settlement in the Great Forest of South Gippsland" , published by the Korumburra and District Historical Society Inc., Drouin, 1998 ISBN 0-646-35497-3. Undoubtedly an Australian classic.

"So Tall The Trees -- A History of the Southern Districts of the Narracan Shire" , by John Adams, published by Narracan Shire Council, Morwell, 1978 ISBN 09595685 0 6.

"The Tambo Shire Centenary History" , by John Adams, published by James Yeates & Son, Bairnsdale, 1981 ISBN 0-9593364 0 0.

"Path Among the Years -- History of the Shire of Bairnsdale" , by John Adams, published by E-Gee Printers, Bairnsdale, 1987 ISBN 0-7316-0552-7.

"From These Beginnings -- History of the Shire of Alberton" , by John Adams, published by E-Gee Printers, Bairnsdale, 1990 ISBN 0-7316-9074-5.

"Jericho on the Jordan: A Gippsland Goldfield History", by J G Rogers, published by J G Rogers, Bairnsdale, 1998 ISBN 09591191 4 0.

"Buln Buln", by Graeme Butler, published by the Shire of Buln Buln, Drouin, 1979 ISBN 09595231 0 3.

"Buln Buln to Baw Baw", by Keith A Pretty, published by Baw Baw Shire Council, Warragul, 1995 ISBN 0 646 25796 X.

"A History of Neerim", by Dorothy Hunt, published by List Print, Geelong, 1986 ISBN 0949483 73 1.

"On the Ridge: The Shire of Mirboo 1894-1994", by John Murphy, published by Allen & Unwin, St Leonards, NSW, 1994 ISBN 1-86373-509-7.

"The Unfolding Hills -- Mirboo Pioneers of the Gippsland Forest 1878 - 1914" , by Warwick Eunson, published by Mirboo Shire Council, Maryborough, 1978 ISBN 9596507 0 9.

"The Strzeleckis - A New Future for the Heartbreak Hills", published by the Department of Conservation, Forests and Lands, East Melbourne, 1976 ISBN 0 7241 4761 6.

"Prom Country - A History", by Foster & District Historical Society, published by Anchor Books, Melbourne, 2015 ISBN 978-0-9924671-2-8.

"Land of the Pelican - The Story of Yarram and District", by Kenneth Cox, published by Globe Press, 1982 ISBN 0-959245-1-7.

"Wednesdays Closest to the Full Moon - A History of South Gippsland", by Barry Collett, published by Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1994 ISBN 0 522 84599 1.

"Lowlands - A Brief History of the Appleyard Family", by Dianne Appleyard, published by South Gippsland Publishing , Foster, 1986 ISBN 0 9589082 0 6.

"The Settling of Gippsland - A Regional History", by Patrick Morgan, published by Gippsland Municipalities Association, Traralgon, 1997 ISBN 0646338579.

"Foothill Farmers -- The Literature of Gippsland", by Patrick Morgan, published by Ngarak Press, Ensay, 2010 ISBN 978-1-875254-36-1.

"The Early Settlement of South Gippsland - A Pictorial History", by John Bradshaw, published by Coal Creek Heritage Village, Korumburra, 1999 ISBN 0-646-38580-1.

"Victoria's Forgotten Goldfield: A History of the Dargo, Crooked River Goldfield", by R W Christie & G D Gray, published by High Country Publishing, Dargo, 1996 ISBN 0 9593484 0 9.

"Ghosts and Gold in the Victorian High Country", by R W Christie, published by High Country Publishing, Dargo, 1993 ISBN 0 646 16946 7.

"Pioneers of the Omeo District", by Jana Vince Pendergast, published by Riall Print, Port Melbourne, 1968.

"The Golden Age - A History of the Colony of Victoria 1851 -1861", by Geoffrey Serle, published by Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1977 ISBN 0 522 84143 0.

"Lonely Graves of the Gippsland Goldfields and Greater Gippsland", by Janette G Rogers and Nelly Helyar, published by E-Gee Printers, Bairnsdale, 1994 ISBN 0 646 17805 9.

"Trains, Tracks, Travellers - A History of the Victorian Railways", by Marc Fiddian, published by South Eastern Independent Newspapers, Pakenham, 1977 ISBN 1 875475 12 5 (the cover shot -- below -- is of the Walhalla Railway Station in 1910).

"A History of Medicine in Gippsland", by Dr Ann Dettrick, published by Monash University, Churchill, 2010.

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