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April 2003 - We realize that it really shouldn't matter at all to our sites's visitors, but we've made some changes to it that have effectively touched every page that you'll see. You're here for information, or a bit of a poke around, and not to be impressed (or to fail to be impressed) by our technical wizardry, but a few words of explanation might satisfy the curiosity of those who have been here before and wondere about the changes, or who have the same sort of role to play in maintaining a site like this.

To help you navigate your way through the site, we've added quite a few more clickable hotspots to move you around from one page to the next, or within individual pages. We've improved the layout (or at least, we think we have), and added a "Frequently Answered Questions" page, now that we've been at this long enough to know roughly what the frequently asked questions are ...

So while it shouldn't matter to you that we've made these changes, if it does, and you find links that don't go anywhere, or pages that don't work or layouts that strike you as particularly inept or unsuitable, please let us know by dropping us an email at info@walhalla.org.au.

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