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Who died?

J Leckey leads Walhalla funeral

John F Leckey, OAM JP
July 10, 1929 - May 22, 2007

Well of course, John Leckey himself -- shown above -- unfortunately died, in May this year.
John was a widely-known and well-respected Latrobe Valley identity, a Justice of the Peace and co-founder of Latrobe Valley Funeral Services. He was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for services to the community of Moe, particularly through the town's Rotary Club, and also for his services to the funeral industry. He died in May this year and his life's accomplishments were recognized and celebrated at a Thanksgiving Mass that was conducted at St Kieran's Catholic Church in Moe.

Because he had conducted funerals in Walhalla, he was well-known here, also, and although Rhonda Aquilina from the General Store brought it to our attention, more than one person who attended his funeral remarked on the above photo which was published on page 4 of the booklet that accompanied his funeral service, because it clearly shows John leading a cortège past Walhalla's Gold Era shops at the top of the main street. That in turn prompted the observation that the hearse's number-plate was a 1968 registration, and that this was therefore probably one of the last funerals ever conducted in Walhalla.

So we're asking whether anyone can provide any information about whose funeral it was? If you think you know, drop us a line and eventually we'll follow the story up, either here and/or in the "Chronicle".




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