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2001 was supposed to be the International Year of the Volunteer, they said. Well, maybe so, but the message seemed to have eluded many people (and I say SHAME to you all!), so it was the same reliable team as usual on August 19th at Walhalla doing the hard yards, installing the last batch of heritage signs along the valley.

Long Tunnel yard, now Stringer's Park

Site of the Walhalla Star Brewery

One of the most distinctive features of the heritage walk through the Walhalla township is our interpretive signage, strategically positioned from one end of the township to the other. From the cemetery and the site of Warne's Water Wheel at the southern entrance to the town to the former site of the Chinese gardens and the Incline Tramway at the northern exit, and at many points in between, these sturdy, functional and very attractive signs tell the story of Walhalla's rich and colourful history.

Volunteers (there's that word again!) from the Walhalla Heritage and Development League have selected the signs, chosen their subject matter, and carefully crafted their wording (although we will accept your nominations for the deliberate typo that we left in one of them...).

The signs have been installed in working bees that were conducted over the past two years by a stalwart group of volunteer helpers, ably directed by members of the League's Committee of Management, and culminating in August 19th's endeavours.

Spetts Cottage sign

Meanwhile, back at the Mechanics Institute, Andrew Stephens and Margot Zeggelink were directing the efforts of two who did volunteer: Graeme and Helen Cole, who have a weekender in nearby Rawson. Hats off to you for your assistance with setting up a research room and further penetration into the massive task of organizing our archives!

Shown here are some of the additional signs installed on August 19th by our team: Brian Brewer, the League's redoubtable President; Leo Clark, our works coordinator; and Les Cromb, longtime helper with the League's work.

Warne's Water Wheel sign

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